Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well! I spent the weekend in Vancouver with my bb Katie. It was so good to get out and just be somewhere else, not that I don't love where I live! Ahhh, Van is so big! I can't even handle it sometimes. It overwhelms me a bit. Like Metrotown mall is 3 floors. It is so easy to get lost in that mall, or even some of the stores are big enough to get stuck in! Haha, but it was great. We had a blast, ate delish Japanese food, and shopped around.
Her dorm is so small and adorable too, I want to decorate it so so much!

Here is a little outfit I got while over there.

 stuff from H&M (minus the belt)
mint skirt: H&M // Pale pink lace tank: H&M // Blue cardi: Clothes swap*

*Clothes swap is something my friends and I like to do when we accumulate too many clothes we don't want. We get together and have a little trading party. It is great!

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