Tuesday, May 3, 2011

fresh mint/outfit post

So far today has been wonderful. Woke up with the boyfriend, went with him to his eye exam, ate butter chicken, then visited our highschool & chatted with some teachers and other folk. It was an interesting feeling being back in there...kind of nice though. I miss the darkroom there so much.I also found this on the ground outside the school:

some sort of awesome wallpaper i will use to cover my next journal

After bugging my brother we were walking to the plant nursery and I noticed a little boutique. I have always wanted to look around inside it but never have. We walked in, ascended some stairs and were greeted by a lady that called every 'hun'. SO cute. The walls in there were covered in shopping bags from around the world. I got this blouse for $10!!

& here are my qt little mint plants! Can't wait to put their leaves in iced tea. mmm

And of course, here is an outfit post. (my first!)

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